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1 Social Media
1.1 Why can’t I buy everything I see on your social media?

So glad that you are finding things that you like in our social media feeds! We try to offer a wide range of products for online shopping, but due to challenges with shipping or packaging certain items, we can’t offer certain items for online shopping. Also, we have a big and ever-evolving selection, so we can’t offer each item that comes through the shop for online sales. If you see something that you love, and want to purchase online, please contact us via IG dm or FB messenger, and we’ll try to make it happen!




2 AppCard
2.1 Can I use my APPCARD loyalty account for online sales?

If you like our store, we’d like to give you stuff! We feel a lot of appreciation for our neighbours and customers who shop in our store.

In order to thank you all, we subscribe to AppCard, a loyalty program that lets you easily earn free presents when you shop with us. All it takes is your phone number to start accruing free points that you can redeem for little treats or save up for bigger prizes.

Unfortunately, AppCard points are not integrated with e-commerce platforms and are only available with in-store purchases.