Our Story


Biscuit General Store is inspired by our love of beauty and by our community here in Halifax, N.S. This place is our heart and soul, and we are always evolving to offer what resonates for us and our customers. We opened the shop in 1996, in a tiny space with no money! We wanted to offer an alternative to shopping in mall chain stores that was more fashion-centric, more local, more human, and more fun.  Our founder, Wendy Friedman,  worked many  jobs in the fashion industry, as a  retail manager,  buyer, wholesale representative and designer, but what hit home was that she really wanted to be in a  shop with real clothes (not just style numbers on spreadsheets) and real customers.  The store opened on a shoestring and has gradually grown to include the Handsome Shop, a wide range of accessories & jewellery,, and a great selection of unique gifts.



Lots of people ask how we got our name. The truth is, when Wendy was searching for a shop name, but nothing quite pulled at her heartstrings.  At some point her friend said “Why don’t you just name it what you were gonna name the dog?” (Wendy wanted  to have a dog named Biscuit) With those words, a first version of the red & white logo popped into Wendy’s  head, and Biscuit General Store  was born. 

The name Biscuit is inspired by Wendy’s South Carolina upbringing, where biscuits are a staple on family tables.. Southern biscuits are savoury, layered small breads served warm with most meals. (not cookies, as biscuits are in the UK! ) The goodness of that memory evoked what Wendy wanted to bring together in her shop, feelings of connection and warmth.  

General Stores that sold everything from clothing to homewares were a strong tradition in the south, and in old  New York City, where Wendy’s great-grandparents had a general store when they first came to North America as immigrants.

*Biscuit Storefront artwork by Lincoln Creaser and Andrew Ross*